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Caldera Version 11

More Power, More Potential


Armed with APPE 4, ready for the latest Mac OS and available in multiple languages, V11 speeds up image processing, reduces ink and media use, and improves organization for wide-format print businesses of all kinds.

The newest version of Caldera's award-winning software is ready to let RIP!

To mark the company's 25th anniversary, this new version of Caldera's pioneering RIP software brings more power and possibility to the printing process. New to V11 are enhanced color control, better file preparation and massively improved RIP speeds. Designed for quality and built for power, V11 truly enables you to print without limitations and to stretch your production goals further than you thought possible.

V11 is a powerful desktop RIP solution for printers of all sizes using digital ink-jet. If you're using wide-format at moderate volumes, Caldera V11 will make your production more cost effective, whatever your hardware configuration.


What are the benefits of V11?

  • Print Bleed
    Caldera V11 introduces our Print Bleed pixel cloning technology which improves the edge finish of canvases or edge-to-edge shaped prints. True Bleed opens a new route to total accuracy for print-and-cut textile, industrial and fine art work. It avoids white borders along cutting edges by replicating pixels, meaning patterns and masks are processed with razor-sharp precision for outstanding results.
  • Advanced technologies
    Caldera V11 offers a range of market-leading RIP features to simplify and speed up the production process.
    • V11 harnesses the full power of the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE 4) to create smooth, seamless gradients and extend spot color handling
    • V11 draws maximum power from your computer hardware by using the OpenCL language, enabling it to exchange print data with system elements more quickly
    • Tile Parallel Processing reduces RIP times through intelligent CPU use
  • 127 spot colors
    No more problems with tricky brand colors. V11 expands the spot color gamut to an astonishing 127 different shades, so you can match more special colors with total accuracy.
  • Synchronize drivers, profiles and updates
    With its new Sync & Deploy feature, V11 has the ability to synchronize printer drivers, media profiles and version updates across your production set-up. The result is reduced installation time, with the configuration sent to multiple stations.

Designed to make your life easier and your production faster, the new V11 raises the barriers that stand between you and printing without limits.

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